Live Your Edge Podcast

Going from Founder to CEO

Episode Summary

Todd is a co-Founder & CEO of “From Founder To CEO” podcast, who’s remarkably passionate in helping you level up your leadership skills and scale up your startup. From Founder to CEO podcast focuses on taking the mystery, confusion, heartache, and stress out of your transition from being a founder to CEO of your company. “I'm a former Army officer. And so one of the things I learned and kind of built inhabits as an army officer is time blocking and being very disciplined and being very focused.” Todd shared his journey from convincing his wife to taking care of his son and quitting his job to how his company became successful.

Episode Notes

In this episode you’ll learn about:

“It's actually through the struggles that we all go through, that we grow, and that we become better, learn more, build relationships and make (our)  life more fulfilling.”

Building long term relationships with others starts with oneself. As Todd puts it,

“The more you become self-aware of who you are, the better you're able to build those long term relationships with others.

... taking lots of assessments, getting feedback from other people by yourself and really understanding who you are and getting unambiguously clear is the path to building long term relationships with others.”