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Reflection of the Soul

Episode Summary

Let’s reflect more on life with this episode’s guest Emil Ekvardt. Emil was 25 years old when he had made over €1 000 000 pursuing his passion, playing online poker. He had more financial success than most people he knew. Still, life outside of poker didn’t feel very joyful. He had given all his attention to mastering the game, and zero focus on developing any other life skills that create a happy life. Today he works with the charity, as a business developer and podcast host. The rest of his time he spends figuring out how to live a healthier and more exciting life, so he can inspire others to find their own answers. Some of Emil's core interests are communication, speaking, health, relationships, and honesty. He is exploring these topics on his Youtube-channel called What’s Missing. “When you enjoy it, it doesn't feel like effort or stress; it feels like passion.”

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