Live Your Edge Podcast

The Power of Failure and The C-Suite Advantage

Episode Summary

“There's always going to be a bigger failure than the one before. If you're increasing, you're increasing what you do and how you do it. There's also going to be bigger successes, bigger learnings.” - Jeff Hayzlett Jeffrey Hayzlett is an accomplished TV host, podcast host keynote speaker, best selling author and global business celebrity who bought and sold over 250 companies in his career.

Episode Notes

In this episode Jeff shared his experiences where you’ll learn about:

C suite network is a platform wherein it is a collection of affiliate groups that have their own founders, their own, their own mini communities that all come together under a common common purpose and objective. 

“Your brand is nothing but a promise. [So] deliver what it is [that] you're promising to the customer.” - Jeff Hayzlett